Our Programs

Our program objectives are connected to local and national academic standards, including the Common Core State Standards. Each series consists of content which can be customized for specific grade levels. In addition to academic standards, our programs and learning objectives are linked to competencies which have been validated as “critical” by employers through comprehensive research. Our approach allows students to develop and model desirable habits throughout their social and organizational experiences at school.

Communications Series

What does it mean to be a good communicator? Why is it important? How is the art of public speaking developed? This series explores the essential elements of “effective” communication and guides students to proficiency in managing them. Program content also examines the traits of strong communicators and their approaches to use communication tools and methods to achieve their goals.

Competencies Addressed: Interpersonal Communications, Influence, and Presentation Skills.

Collaboration Series:

The global network and emerging technology are redefining the concepts of collaboration and teamwork. The era of “me” has been replaced with the era of “we”; students must be know how to harness the power of collective effort to accomplish common goals. This series explores teaming concepts. Students are challenged to solve problems and  make decisions while dealing with such dynamics as conflict, self interest, and competing priorities.

Competencies Addressed: Managing Obstacles and Opportunity, Leadership, and Team Effectiveness.

Career Preparation Series:

College- and career-readiness have become key priorities on the education agenda. Securing and retaining employment has become hyper-competitive processes. A strong GPA and a relevant skills will continue to position students for success. But those are not the only factors. Relevant and practical knowledge and skills and a wide network are also important ingredients to success. For today’s students, defining a career goal is only the beginning. They must begin preparing for their futures much earlier. This series introduces students to current career preparation and professional skill development resources,  with a particular focus on acquiring desired positions and the core  knowledge and skills to keep them.

Competencies Addressed: Self Management, Self Marketing, and Networking.