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It is widely accepted that the first words are the most difficult to write. But once they are written, the flow begins. So here we go.

Although he may not fully understand until he gets older, my son was the driving force behind my desire to launch this organization. At the time, he was in the second grade and had just brought home a report card.  The grading scale is tougher than it was in my elementary school days. My son’s report card was good–except for the “D” in math.

A “D” in the second grade? I was shocked and I felt guilty. Shocked because I didn’t understand how his performance could have been that bad. Guilty  because I was a math major in college–albeit not a very good one. What did I miss? Was I so busy that I missed all of the early performance indicators? Yes, my days were long, especially because of a long commute to the office. But I could have been doing more. I should have been more actively engaged in his education.

Without a word, my son issued my wake up call: Dad, I could use your help whenever you have time.

It’s many years later and my son has enjoyed a successful academic career. And I am still trying to make time to help whenever I can.

Perhaps your story is similar. Perhaps you have pledged to assume a more active role in your child’s education. The Coalition for Higher Learning, Inc. is committed to helping concerned individuals like you explore ways to enhance the quality of education in your community, state, or region.  Our approach is simple and seeks to address a critical social dilemma: How can we prepare young learners as early as possible for success in school, work, and life in general?

Welcome to our site and thank you for reading so far.  Take some time to visit the other sections and to learn more about what we are doing. Your feedback can help us be more deliberate about reaching our goals.