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School to Work
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The primary objective of the Ready NOWâ„¢ curriculum is to increase students’ proficiency in competencies required for workplace success. Through a blended delivery approach, our collaborative and experiential learning programs help students demonstrate the critical link between classroom instruction and real-world application.

The Classroom Situation:

The old model of classroom instruction focused almost entirely on helping students master the 3Rs: reading, writing, and arithmetic. The current model still focuses on the 3Rs, but is delivered in the context of compliance with state and local standards. . Regardless of the prevailing model, classroom instruction also involves “life” instruction—that is, helping students keep up and cope with concurrent, fast-moving demands of family, school, technology, career preparation, and other social developments. Students are under increasing pressure to demonstrate proficiency across the broad spectrum of academic standards. And they need help.

Educators, too, face increasing pressure to achieve key metrics that dictate their individual effectiveness in the classroom, as well as within their schools and school districts. Each day, teachers tackle issues that were once foreign ideas.  No longer do teachers just teach; they counsel, mentor, and, in some cases, serve as caretakers.

Our Proposal:

Our organization is not composed of traditional educators or administrators. We are a collective of concerned citizens, primarily from the corporate arena, who are committed to applying our knowledge and skills to enhance the quality and effectiveness of education in our communities. We advocate practical, interactive learning that complements classroom instruction and parallels the personal and professional development activities delivered to adults in today’s workplace.

By collaborating with educators, administrators, and employers, we design and deliver training solutions that complement school districts’ investments in career and workforce education and preparation. Our solutions are delivered in face-to-face and blended learning formats.

The changing employment contract and increased global competition demand that students be “ready for NOW.” Educators cannot do it alone. They and their students–our children–need help.

We invite your insights and ideas for helping us build a stronger workforce. Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our efforts!